Many people believe that mainly luxury SUVs and supercars cut through the roads of the Emirates

The roads in the United Arab Emirates are excellent. Asphalt of excellent quality and on the main city streets, and in the back streets, and on highways, interchanges and even on the roads passing through the endless desert. But before complaining about the quality of Russian roads in comparison with the Emirates, keep in mind: the length of the roads of the Russian Federation is about 1 million 400 thousand kilometers, and the total length of roads in the Emirates is just a little more than 4000 km.
The rules of the road in the Emirates are not complicated at all, in many respects similar to those of Russia, except for some unusual points, for violation of which you will have to pay a round sum of local dirhams.

Rent a car is not difficult, it is quite simple and not very expensive. If you decide to visit the UAE, you probably realize that you will need a lot of money to rest here, but at the same time you will spend very little on a car, refueling and parking compared to the amount you pay for accommodation, meals and excursions. So, dear motorists, welcome to the hot United Arab Emirates!

Such beauty is impossible not to appreciate, on the gorgeous roads of the Emirates you want to drive and ride, enjoying the smooth surface and the highest quality of asphalt. Such advantages of the UAE roads were recently "used" by renowned showman and racer Ken Block, who shot the eighth part of his famous Gymkhana on the roads of the emirate of Dubai. If you have not seen this amazing car show yet, then be sure to take a look!
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