Become a member of the private club KINGS and get additional privileges in Dubai
Our customers are people from different parts of the world who have achieved certain results in their business and can afford to enjoy life. Someone built a big business, others have millions of views and subscribers, and someone makes money work for themselves. All very unique personalities!

But they are united by the desire to move forward. It was for such people that we created a private club, KINGS, so that its members could get to know each other, make friends, create businesses, and benefit the world! Our club is when 1 + 1 = 11
Car rent → Private club
What do you get?
• 24/7 support for any issues in Dubai, even with the police
• Discounts for booking the best hotels in Dubai up to 20%
• Priority car booking
• Personal discount of 10% for the entire fleet of KINGS
• Access to the private chat of club members
• Informing about the best events of Dubai
• Yacht Booking Assistance
• Club membership card

$900 in year club membership cost
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