The main features in the rules of the Dubai traffic in contrast to Russia

1. Excess of less than 20 km / h is not punished; in practice, many locals travel +19 km / h. (According to reviews, in Abu Dhabi they begin to fine already from 10 km / h) The speed limit on auto-bans is 100-120 km / h, in populated areas — 60 km / h. Also keep in mind that it is usually forbidden to drive auto-bans at a speed of less than 60 km / h, and a fine can also come for this. Fines are very high. The minimum penalty for speeding more than 20 km / h is 600 dirhams ($ 165), there are a lot of cameras, it is better not to tempt fate and not to exceed. There were cases when people received a fine of more than $ 1000, although they traveled only one day.

2. The leftmost lane is the fastest, you do not need to drive at it at medium speed, take the lane to the right.

3. Circular motion. At the entrance to the circle, all skip.

4. For movement by car in a drunken state — deportation from the country, or even in some cases a prison sentence is possible.

5. Penalty for not wearing seat belts — $ 110-150, parking for disabled people — $ 300. The penalty for driving a lane for buses is 600 AED
In addition to the fine, the rental office can write off its service fee of $ 40-50 for each violation.

6. It is said that in the Emirates, the "left hindrance" rule applies (at the unregulated intersection, you must skip the one on the left). But in practice, there are practically no non-regulated intersections; usually there are always signs and most of the intersections are circular.

7. Small children should be transported in car seats. Check the rental price in the rental office, sometimes it is more profitable to bring with you or buy in Dubai in a store (for example, in the Mall of the Emirates in the Carrefour supermarket), especially if you rent a car for a long time.

8. Until 2016, radars were installed everywhere in the Emirates, which look "in the back" of the car and measure the speed. But at the end of 2016 in Dubai began to massively install «smart» radar Mesta Fusion, which not only fix the speed violation, but almost all other types of violations, up to talking on a mobile and riding with not wearing a seat belt.

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