Prestige car hire Dubai

Welcome to the best Dubai car rental service with one of the largest and most comprehensive selections of prestige and luxury cars for daily hire in the region. Kings Rent Cars is here to supply you with the most lavish conditions of traveling around Dubai, something you deserve, don't you?! All the cars you can see at out prestige car rental service are comprehensively insured, meticulously maintained and aligned with all our customers. VIP service is what you can expect dealing with King Rent Cars!
What Makes Us Different
Perhaps the most significant feature that distinguishes Kings Rent Cars service in Dubai is its fresh approach to prestige car hire. This includes a responsible and individual approach to every client in need of a luxury or sports car rental. We deeply value all our customers' requirements and can provide them with solid recommendations. On the official website of our prestige car rental service, you can get acquainted with the marvels fleet of vehicles you could only dream of driving! However, if you can't determine, just contact our responsive customer support service and get a specialized assistance. In all cases, you can be certain that each and every model in our fleet of cars is perfectly maintained and ready to serve you as long as you will find necessary!

Here we shall provide you with a couple of outstanding car names so that you have an idea what type of prestige cars you can hire from Kings Rent Cars:

  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible at $466 per day charge;
  • Bentley GT 2017 at $589 per day charge;
  • BMW M4 2017 Convertible at $384 per day charge;
  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach 2017 at $685 per day charge;
  • Audi A8 2018 at $493 per day charge.

The Passenger Seat of the Back Seat?

Do love the thrilling experience of holding the wheel while the car is driving at a furious speed? Or perhaps you prefer sitting calmly in the back seat sipping champagne while a qualified chauffeur drives you along the city streets? For these both categories of customers, our prestige car hire service can be irreplaceable. Placing an order, you can always choose a chauffeured service and be provided with an experienced and dependable driver for your entire stay in Dubai!

On the other hand, you can choose to have your preferred car at your full disposal with no one affecting the speed or manner you love to drive.

Just bring the necessary documents with you and we shall organize your prestige car hire in Dubai right on the spot. We need your passport copy, two passport photos, your international driving license, and your credit card with enough money on it to make the deposit.

Enjoy a royal personal means of transpiration in Dubai, as Dubai is the city of possibilities!

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