SALIK toll roads in Dubai

In Dubai, there are toll sections of roads (the payment collection system is called Salik), the payment is 4 dirhams for travel under the scanning frame, the payment is made upon delivery of the car (also when you pick up the car at the airport, you usually take another 25-50 dirham for the passage to the parking lot airport).

SALIKI can be checked on a special site by the number of the chip, which is glued on the windshield of the car. The data comes fairly quickly, but is updated later, and it is possible that salics will withdraw money with two amounts at different times. It so happened that we filmed Saliki 2 times from the map. At my request, the employees of the rental office sent me scans of printouts from the site.

You can also use the application for a smartphone, which you can read about later in the section "Additional tips, useful links"

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