Parking in the UAE

The cost of services is about 2 dirhams (40 rubles) per hour. At the entrance paid parking spaces are equipped with a barrier and a special device. Payment on demand cannot be made.
In big cities like Dubai, you can pay for parking by credit card. All who need cash.

Special canopies so that cars do not roast under the scorching sun

Parking space must be treated with great attention. Cars are often shipped in penalty points (about 50–75 dirhams (984–1476 rubles)). If the car parked on the street "disappears", he should call the police and clarify exactly which penalty area he was taken to.

From 13:00 to 16:00 on the city streets do not need to pay. This may not be easy, because at his lunchtime a lot of locals go to nearby cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.

Special tracks with parking spaces

Machines, and more specifically, which machines

Dubai is a city where large deals are constantly being made with local and more often businessmen come. But it is not always possible to be rich for a long time and ride an exclusive sports car. And when a person realizes that he does not need to pay for huge expenses, he does not have to pay debts - he has to just run, leave the car ... As a result, abandoned owners, the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world are burning in parking lots in Dubai.

The inscription on the dusty glass: "Where is the owner, damn it? Is he still alive? "

And while the police did not pay attention to them and did not suffer defeat, where they continued to stand and wait for the owners to return for them:(
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