Excellent Car Rental in Dubai Airport Terminal 1

Dubai rental car services offer a wide variety of vehicles ranging from standard economy class models to luxury options. Rental car is a great choice for both solo travelers and families that decided to visit one of the greatest cities in the world – Dubai. The vast majority of foreign visitors come to the Dubai International Airport. This is the destination and starting point for many tourists.
Get Any Car You Want
Different people have different needs. This applies to cars quite well. The United Arab Emirates is a blossoming country and Dubai is an expansive city that covers a huge amount of land. Getting from the Dubai airport terminal 1 to the center of Dubai city is a problem for all visitors of the United Arab Emirates. Most wise tourists prefer working with a car rental service in Dubai.

Dubai car rental providers offer a wide assortment of cars that can be used by single travelers and families with toddlers. There are various options and add-ons that can be installed if necessary. You may choose the class of the vehicle, but specific models may not be available. Any car rental service in Dubai will gladly offer you an equivalent of the chosen model but from another manufacturer.

Compact city cars, SUVs, family vehicles, and many other options are available to those who arrive to the Dubai airport. With a rental car you can get to any location within minutes. Booking usually takes only several minutes.

Insurance and Security Deposits

All cars come with an insurance that will cover accidents and other mishaps. Booking a car rental in Dubai in advance is good idea. In most cases, you will need to pay a security deposit. The amount paid depends on the car model, estimated length of the car rental period, and payment methods. You may make a deposit via a credit card or in cash. In UAE car rental service is something that needs to be versatile and offer a diversified range of additional options. Preemptive booking in Dubai is one of such options.

Enjoy Flexible Pricing

The price of a rental car in Dubai depends on many factors. However, the location where you pick it up does not matter. If you need a vehicle at the gate of the Dubai airport terminal 1, you just need to specify your location. The vehicle will arrive to the specified place when you need it. You will be able to quickly get to the desired location in Dubai right after you arrive to the Dubai international airport.

The price range varies hugely from $15 to $1000 depending on the class of the car, additional options, and other factors. You may order a cheap economy rental car that will cost you a couple of bucks per week or opt for a much pricier rental car like Bentley. The vehicle will be waiting for you at the Dubai International Airport.

How to Make an Order

If you need a car rental service and will require a rental car after arriving to UAE at the Dubai international airport, just make a call or visit our official website. You will be guided by specialists and enjoy intuitive interface of the ordering form.

Additional Services

On top of standard options, you may ask for rental cars with specific add-ons such as GPS, seats for children, media systems, and many other extras that will make your trip to Dubai that much more enjoyable! Choose from a rich array of variables and order a vehicle that suits your particular requirements.

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