Car Rental Service in Dubai Airport

When arriving to UAE, one of the first things you need to think about is car rental service. While travelling by taxi or buses is also an option, there is nothing more comfortable rather than using a hired car. United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular are hot regions. Thinking ahead about inquiring in a car rental service about a vehicle equipped with a conditioner is a good idea.

Most travelers arrive to the Dubai International Airport. If you make a call several days before your arrival, you may get in your new hired car right away. It will be parked near a terminal of the Dubai International Airport.

What Should You Know?
Rental cars in Dubai come in all possible variations. Depending on your budget you can get a good budget option that will cost you a couple of bucks per day or a premium option that may seem pricey, but will grant you a considerable level of comfort.

Remember that you will need to give some personal information to the dealer as well as make a special payment in advance. Choose from a wide variety of rental cars. When finalizing the order, just tell your dealer that you need a car at a specific terminal of the Dubai International Airport.

There are several important factors that you must remember:

  • Cars for hire are available in a rich assortment. You don't have to pick the first option that caught your attention.
  • Unlimited travel distance and complete freedom may be in your mind, but some car rental dealers in Dubai do not give you such freedom.
  • Insurance is a must. If you want to hire a car in Dubai, do not forget that you need to pay for insurance and make special security payments. Premium cars will make your payments balloon out of control.

The amount of deposit funds that you must pay in order to hire a car in Dubai depends on a variety of factors. Some dealers offer very loyal terms, but will demand more documents and will check your background stricter.

How to Hire a Car in Dubai?

Car rental services in Dubai operate mostly online. You will most certainly find a website with an expansive catalogue where you can choose from dozens of available models. Payments can be done in advance or when you pick up your car.

We recommend you to call to a person in Dubai to make all necessary arrangements. Car rental services in Dubai are used to working with foreign citizens. Most of local companies will have people who can speak English fluently. Make a call and inquire about details or terms that may not be specified or well-explained on their websites and in advertising materials.

You can also make a call when you arrive to the Dubai International Airport. You can explain where your terminal is located and ask for a car when you are already there. Another option is to visit a car rental service directly after you arrived to the United Arab Emirates.

Don't Remember about Extras!

In Dubai, you can drive a car that has all necessary extra functions such as an A/C unit, on-board computer, multimedia system, and other special add-ons. If you have children, hire a car that has special seats. You can also ask for a car with additional luggage space.

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