Car Rental Dubai Airport Terminal 2

Dubai clearly has become one of the most popular tourists' attractions in the world whereas Dubai airport is widely considered as a major air hub and particularly for these who uses United Arab Emirate airlines. When individuals arrive to Dubai airport terminal 2, they may require a decent car rental company that can offer the highest quality services, variety of cars to offer as well as competitive prices. Our company is undoubtedly the leader on this market and our clients can always be sure that they will be provided with the best hospitality and impeccable service!
What cars are on offer?
Our company at Dubai airport can offer booking for virtually any car. Booking can be done in advance and any vehicle of European classes from "B" to "E" as well as large executive cars can be done with ease. Our car rental office at Dubai airport terminal 2 offers cars of leading international car manufactures, so whatever people arrive to the Dubai airport, a car can be hired immediately as well as preferences for a particular brand could be stated. United Arab Emirates is well known for outstanding services in car rental and this is where our company takes the lead. If clients would like to get executive car hire at the terminal of Dubai airport terminal 2 then such service could be provided! At the same time exclusive vehicles and sports cars could also be provided without any problems.

Car rental term and conditions.

Car rental at Dubai airport terminal 2 has certain terms and conditions that have to be followed. Getting insurance with the car is an obligation hence that normally will be included in the price when a car is hired. Any customer may opt for additional premium, so that car rental ensures more security in terms of the damages that may occur as a consequence of a possible incident. The cost of insurance is usually very conservative and depends on a car type and its class. A person will have to provide a valid international driving license and passport. Depended on a car there is a minimum age that applies for car hire. For example, smaller cars could be rented and booked by people from eighteen years old, whereas executive cars will require hire age and proven track record of being a reliable driver.

In addition, car hire at Dubai airport terminal 2 would require a deposit being left for the whole duration of car rental. The deposit will be booked at your credit or debit card and will be released if a car is returned back to the international airport without any damages. The size of a deposit is depended on the class of a vehicle and varies from an equivalent of a few hundred dollars and could be as much as several thousand if you hire a car of exclusive brand for car rental.

How to order additional service.

Our office at the international airport in Dubai offers additional service that has features to satisfy custom needs of any client. For instance, whilst in Dubai you may not know the roads and routs of the city very well, hence we can also offer you the service of a chauffeur. Such service is very popular and international booking is made as people do not have to worry about damages liabilities and the loss of a deposit. Rental of a car at airport terminal two in Dubai can offer any individual to state the preferences of a make and a model of a vehicle they would like to hire. Our friendly service can also state the specification of a car that is prepared for you in Dubai at the international airport, so you always be aware what are you about to get. You can even ask for color preferences and that could be selected if possible. Rental with our company can provide a total peace of mind as we treat each of our clients individually and can assist a person during the whole time of the rental. If you are involved in an accident in Dubai the recovery vehicle will be sent to your free of charge and we will replace damaged car with a courtesy one.

Our service stands second to none at Dubai international airport at terminal two, therefore you will never regret by choosing us and surely will turn to our company in the future!

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