All about roads and traffic in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a stunningly beautiful place to visit. It has its own distinctive features and specificity. As part of the "Roads of the World" rubric, we are interested in the road features of the Emirates: the quality of the road surface, traffic rules, fines for violating the latter. This is what we want to tell you. And also a little to discuss cars where they park them.
Public roads in the UAE at the World Economic Forum 2015-2016. were rated as the best in the world. Rating assessment includes the level of transport services and airports.

Victory to the United Arab Emirates was inherited due to recent infrastructure projects. The country wants to achieve the perfect state of all objects by 2021. The UAE has already adopted international quality standards and achieved incredible success.

The UAE is permeated with a huge network of luxury roads. In most cases we are talking about the minimum three-lane traffic.

All control of the speed limit is assigned to automatic complexes. The radar in the UAE is very much and they are located literally every two kilometers, and sometimes more often. Exceeding speed, often quite serious. Between radars - in all the Emirates, on country roads - especially.

The movement is equally well organized in terms of workload and flow distribution. Conventional intersections are very few, widespread circular traffic, as well as occasions multi-level interchanges. The markings, signs and traffic lights are in perfect condition. If there is a road repair ahead, warning signs should appear, recharging from solar panels, at night they light up and blink. Missing is impossible.

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