12 advantages why you should rent a car in Dubai


The ability to not depend on anyone, to move independently around the country, to stop at any place we like, for the time we need. You can wake up later, you can go on the way to the beach for a swim and so on. No need to run for a guide, and be afraid to take pictures once again, that would not keep up with the group.


There are many interesting places in the Emirates that need to be visited, while the prices for excursions in this country «bite», and their quality is not always at a high level. In addition, it usually takes a lot of time to collect tourists for hotels, and all unnecessary shops imposed by travel agencies on the way, instead of devoting more time to the most important thing. For example, I learned that the Sheikh Zayd mosque in Abu Dhabi is delivered only for 40 minutes and you need to see everything at a run, run…. And this is the most important thing in this tour .. We calmly arrived, put the car on a large, free parking right under the mosque, and walked, took pictures, admired this creation for several hours.
And the mosque is really grand! (Our video from the Sheikh Zayed mosque) In addition, at the exit from the parking lot, women can absolutely free of charge (on the security of a document) take an abayu (traditional black local cloak) for hire, and all those who came with a tour by bus did not have this opportunity .

For comparison, the prices of tours in Dubai can be found HERE. Further in the article I will talk about the prices for rental cars, and you will see that renting a car can save you a lot. And if there are three of you, four or more, then the savings will be very substantial. By the way, this is a very good site for excursions, here you can buy not only regular excursions online, but also on the world-famous bus with an audio guide in Russian City Sightseeing (Hop-On, Hop-Off). We used these buses very well in Europe and were very pleased. This is a very good option to get acquainted with an unfamiliar city, especially if you have little time, arrived just a day or two.


Very low cost of renting a car (from 19-30 dollars per day), and this is at rather high prices for excursions (for example, a standard excursion from Dubai to Abu Dhabi costs 210 dollars for three (3 * 70). For this money you can take the car for as many as 10 days (10 * 21 (Mitsubishi Lancer) = 210 USD, and go round and round the UAE by ourselves.) On our self-guided tour in Abu Dhabi, we spent only 40-50 dirham on gasoline for the whole day ( $ 14), plus $ 27 cost us a car rental per day, instead of 3 * 70 = $ 210 the cost of the tour in the travel agency. The difference is significant ! Actual prices for tours in the Emirates are looking at this site.


Cheap gasoline.
In fact, the UAE is not among the countries where the cheapest gasoline is (this is not Venezuela of course), but all the same, the price of gasoline is very pleasant, especially in comparison with European countries.


For the most part here are cultural drivers, excellent roads, the order on the roads is much more than ours. Although in recent years a lot of people from other countries of the Middle East have come to the Emirates, and they often complicate traffic.


The rules of the road are intuitive.


Non-alcoholic country, there are no drunk on the roads, drivers behave adequately.


There is practically no crime in this country, so you can freely drive, stop, leave the car, etc.


The country is as if "ground under a car", it is pleasant and absolutely safe to drive here. But for pedestrians here is much more difficult, as cars are in priority.


Most of the rental cars in the Emirates are completely new, in perfect condition, very often people get a rental car with mileage of 500, 1000, 2000 km.


In most hotels free parking for guests. In some, you put the car yourself in the parking lot, and in some you need to fit the car to the entrance, and the doorman will install the car himself. There are also a lot of convenient free parking in Dubai itself (in shopping centers, near beaches, etc.)


The United Arab Emirates ranked 1st in terms of road infrastructure development in the world in the Global Competitiveness Report (for 2016-2017). And this means that there are the best roads in the world! And every self-respecting driver should try it: driving on such roads is a great pleasure!

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