Porsche Cayenne chauffeur

Are you planning to spend several days in Dubai and want to explore it all throughout? If yes, then you simply can't succeed it without a reliable car. Kings Rent Cars professional car hire service was established with a thorough customer satisfaction in mind. We are always there to provide you with an amazing vehicle to enjoy your stay in Dubai to the maximum! Explore it, enjoy it and memorize it as one of the modern wonders of the world! And truly, where else if not in Dubai can you feel what it means to live in luxury?!
Porsche Cayenne as Your Perfect Vehicle
Striving to get a concentrated dose of enthusiasm while ensuring your safety? Why not rent Porsche Cayenne as your personal means of transport as long as you are here in Dubai? Offered at an affordable price (only $329 per day), Porsche Cayenne ensures you unforgettable driving experiences. With a V8 engine outputting 416 hp and 151 mph top speed, this car is very convenient for up to five people. Hence, even if you are in Dubai with your family or group of friends, you will all find traveling in this vehicle an utmost pleasure!

Additionally, if you feel especially comfortable in the back seat, hire Porsche Cayenne with a chauffeur. Kings Rent Cars service provides an option to rent a car with a driver if the client doesn't have his driving license with him, or doesn't want to drive in a foreign city. In all cases, we guarantee you will stay content with our services.

Ordering a Premium Porsche Cayenne Especially for You

Kings Rent Cars has made the process of renting all its cars, including Porsche Cayenne an utmost straightforward process. To fulfill it, you just need to submit the following documents:

  • Your passport's copy;
  • The international driving license issued to you at least one year ago;
  • Your credit card with enough money on it to make the deposit for a luxury Porsche Cayenne;
  • Two photos of you.

Whether traveling for pleasure or on business, Porsche Cayenne is a wonderful choice. It will provide you with the speed and comfortable driving you strive for. Feel the power of ruling Dubai's streets behind the wheel of a mighty and adorable car!

Choose Porsche Cayenne to rent with driver or nor and be sure it will truck for your needs. Enjoy the added peace of mind coming with the car rental service name you can always rely on!

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