Nuvari Luna 68
1200 AED | $ 330 per hour
Are you thirsty? A thirst for adventure! Dubai is a city that can quench anything.

One look at it is enough to understand: an unquenchable power that can overcome any distance is hidden in Nuvari Luna 68. Her well-crafted lines and flawless shape are an eye-catcher.

A yacht journey is a multitude of activities: swimming in the open sea, sailing, jet skiing and even diving. A dive in the depths under the supervision of experienced instructors will make your recreation unforgettable.

You can go anywhere you want at speeds of up to 32 knots, stopping at any islands or even in the open sea. Rent a Nuvari Luna 68 for 17 people and enjoy.
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Rent a Nuvari Luna 68 in Dubai

Manufacturer: UAE
Width: 5 m
Lenght: 20,70 m
Speed: 25–32 kn
Passenger capacity: 17 pax
Number of cabins: 3
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