Majesty 88
2000 AED | $ 550 per hour
Everyone has their own idea of beauty. For some people beauty is to have money, to live in Manhattan, to wear diamonds, an expensive bag, to be "bathed" in luxury. For someone, the beauty is to meet the dawn on a luxurious yacht in a noisy company of relatives and friends. And for someone it's all together. And freedom at 30-32 knots, cutting the sea surface.

A constant race with yourself, work, routine, meetings. It's time to spread your wings, relax, and be at your minimum. Charter the Majesty 88' for 33 people and relax in the atmosphere to suit you - several levels and 3 cabins of sheer bliss, plus the endless expanses that will open to you at the helm of the ship.

Only on board a ship do you truly understand what freedom means: a vacation in Dubai is luxury to the tip of your pinky toes. After all, in life it does not matter: to swim with the current or against the current, the main thing that you have ... a boat. Every swim on the Majesty 88' will be an unforgettable experience.
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Rent a Majesty 88 in Dubai

Manufacturer: UAE
Width: 6,4 m
Lenght: 27 m
Speed: 30–32 kn
Passenger capacity: 33 pax
Number of cabins: 3
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