Tesla Model X 2021
1790 AED | $ 490 per day
Electric SUV with a premium look.
The vehicle is equipped with massive infotainment touchscreen.
To ensure a great view, the car is equipped with a Big Sky windshield.
Ultraviolet rays and infrared light cannot pass through it.
The new 2021 model has two electric motors located opposite of each other, in the front and in the rear part.
When fully charged, the car can travel 523 km.
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Rent a Tesla Model X 2021 in Dubai

Engine volume: 100 kWh
Max. speed: 262 km/h
Transmission: Automatic
0–100 km/h: 2.6 seconds
Power: 1034 HP
Engine: Electro
Drivetrain: Full (4WD)
Optional equipment: AUX, USB, iPod, Radio, Hands free, Bluetooth
Navigation: Yes
Seats: 5 seats
Body style: SUV
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