What to do if there is no iMC or credit card?

If you do not have an IDP, or forgot to take it with you, or if you have problems with a bank card, then major international car companies will not give you a rental, no matter how hard you try. Even if the car was booked in advance, and paid for it. Be very attentive. There have been cases when they did not give the car just because the card was debit, not credit.
If this has already happened, then you can walk around the local rental offices, try to negotiate a rental without an IDP or credit card. A lot of rolling offices are located in the Clock Tower in Dubai. On the forums they write that they can negotiate there without an IDP and without a credit card. The price will be significantly higher, they will take a passport and dollars as security. Passport will be given at the time of delivery of the car, but the dollars will not be given immediately. The thing is that the statistics on fines are not updated immediately, but after some time. Therefore, they will keep the entire amount of the deposit to themselves, so as not to pay fines afterwards from their own pocket. They will send a dollar deposit later, via WESTERN UNION. And this is, firstly, an additional commission (and not a small one), secondly, one can wait a long time for this money and be nervous afterwards. In general, this option is EXTREMELY not advise. It is better to make an IDP and credit card in advance.
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