Premium car rental Dubai

Explore marvelous Dubai in style in a premium car! This is what Kings Rent Cars can offer you right now! The most luxurious cars are at your full disposal at any time of the day, whenever you wish. Just rent one of our high-end car models out for a spin and enjoy the numerous unbelievably beautiful sights of Dubai, the second biggest emirate out of seven emirates.
Welcome to Adorable Dubai
One of the most popular travel destinations in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is at the same time among the safest places to travel to. In fact, there is no crime registered here. Dubai is a bustling city that doesn't ever sleep and doesn't stop prospering! And the moment you appear in it, you instantaneously feel the thrilling rush of adrenaline, a unique feeling that can't be compared without anything… Well, driving a premium car in Dubai not counted! Only appearing behind a luxury vehicle's wheel driving along Dubai's fashionable streets, you can get the hugest portion of enjoyment of your life. Kings Rent Cars car rental service guarantees this with the help of its extended fleet of luxury and sports premium cars!

Let Our Fleet Amaze You

No matter whether it's a wonderful vacation or a simple company travel that brought you to Dubai, always remember that you are worth driving a marvelous car here! There is nothing that can restrain you from this, as long as we are there to provide you with any car type you could dream of. Here are several most frequently-rented premium car models worth your attention:

  • Rolls Royce Ghost with 563 hp and 155 mph top speed offered at $959 per day;
  • Bentley Flying Spur with 616 hp and 320 km/h offered at $685 per day;
  • Mercedes-Benz GTR AMG with 563 hp and 190 mph offered at $1233 per day;
  • Nissan GTR with 333 hp and 210 km/h offered at $630 per day;
  • Lamborghini Aventador 2017 with 691 hp and 217 mph offered at $1370 per day;
  • Porsche Boxter with 315 hp and 110 mph offered at $219 per day.
You see, we have premium cars offered to rent to any client irrespective of his solvency. There are superb cars you can rent at around $300 just as fascinating ones at higher prices! Regardless of the destination you need the car in, we can organize it. Land in Dubai and get the premium car you rented online meet you right at the airport. Order a chauffeured service if you prefer the back seat of the car, or have it provided entirely to yourself to enjoy the fast and smooth driving from the driver's seat. The choice is yours, so is the right to indulge a bit! Premium and sports car rental King Rent Cars service promises not to ever let you down.

Explore the Futuristic City of Dubai with Kings Rent Cars

The futuristic breath of the city can be felt from every modern building, every gleaming shop window, and every illuminated street. But most of all, it can be felt from the luxury lifestyle that the locals and tourists from around the world, lead here. Kings Rent Cars makes it possible for you to become a part of this dazzling reality! All that you need for that is to rent a lavish car on the most profitable conditions in entire Dubai! Just bring your passport, your international driving license, two passport photo, and your credit card to make the deposit and rent a breathtakingly beautiful car right now.

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