People in the Emirates: What are the most popular cars in the UAE

and, in fact, even the Emirates police have supercars. Moreover, for example, the Dubai police fleet is considered the most expensive on the planet, and maybe in the Universe. But the vast majority of the population of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) travels in fairly modest cars.
If we talk about the most popular car in the Emirates, this is the Mitsubishi Lancer. This is evidenced by the statistics of sales of new cars in the UAE according to the results of 2015. Over the past year alone, residents of the Emirates bought 27 and a half thousand Lancers.

Mitsubishi Lancer - the most popular car in the Emirates

The second place in the UAE automobile bestseller list is occupied by the Toyota Hilux pickup - 21 thousand cars sold in 2015. But closes the first three - Mitsubishi Pajero (17 thousand cars). Apparently, in the Emirates love Japanese cars. But let's say more - in the TOP 10 of the best-selling cars of the Emirates, absolutely all models of Japanese production! The full list looks like this:

* Mitsubishi Lancer

* Toyota Hilux

* Mitsubishi Pajero

* Nissan Patrol

* Toyota Prado

* Toyota Corolla

* Toyota Land Cruiser

* Toyota Land Cruiser P / U

* Nissan Sunny

* Toyota Camry

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