Parking in Dubai

Parking in Dubai, as well as throughout the civilized world, there are paid and free. Almost all shopping centers have free parking: excellent free parking in the Dubai Mall, in the Dubai Marina Mall, in Sharjah City Center Molle. In the Mall of Emirates (where the artificial ski slope is located) parking is free for up to 4 hours, after already for 20 dahams per hour.

On the street, most of the parking is paid through the parking meter, the cost of 2 dirham per hour or 2 dirhams for half an hour. Everything is paid elementaryly simple, I showed the whole process in a short video:

If the parking is paid, it will always be stated that it is paid, for example, the way it was done in Dubai Marina:

If you are on vacation and take your time, then the easiest way is to leave the car in a shopping center next door and take a walk. This is how we did in Dubai Marina, as parking there is very expensive.

Exchange and try to have a few dirhams with you trifles, so that in the case of parking you can pay for it. Paper bills parking meter does not accept.

In large shopping centers, if the parking is paid, then there will be a barrier at the entrance, you need to take a ticket where the time of entry is indicated, and pay for parking at special parking machines at the exit.

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