Navigator and maps for the navigator in the UAE

As a navigator in the first trip to the Emirates, I used a smartphone on Android, a navigation program — IGO PRIMO.

Navigator and maps can be downloaded here: (you first need to register and log in, otherwise the site will generate an error)
If you are not registered on the site on, and the link gives an error, then go HERE, register, and then click on THIS link.

Dubai is a very fast-growing city, everything is being rebuilt, changing rapidly, so the navigator sometimes did not know new junctions, new roads, but on the whole it worked fine, and it helped a lot. You should not rely on it completely, look at the road, follow the signs.

In the second trip to Dubai in January 2017, I used Sygic as a navigation program. IGO PRIMO stopped running and did not want to reinstall the program.

You can download Sygic directly through the Play Market for Android or the App Store for Apple.
Download and install is best before the trip to the Emirates, because after installing the program, a week is given for using the enhanced version, which includes all the functions. After the end of the week, some functions will stop working for you, and Sygic will offer to purchase an enhanced version. We went for a week, and the full version ended just on the last day, when we went to the airport. I want to say that for a large metropolis, such as Dubai, the extended version is much more convenient, since. there are traffic signs on the lanes, a hint on the road signs, and that the importantly allowed speed on this part of the road. With the presence of the Internet, Sygic will offer alternative paths depending on the traffic situation.

If you plan to purchase a local operator with the Internet in Dubai, I recommend to pay attention to the navigation program WAZE, which works with the Internet, but the program is absolutely free, and you can download it in the Play Market for Android. WAZE will not only show you the right way, but with it you will also be able to avoid traffic jams, which are not uncommon in Dubai. He also shows the location of the radar, which is also a big plus. But I personally did not quite figure it out with this program, Sygic seemed to me much more convenient.

I also recommend installing free maps from GOOGLE on your smartphone, and especially the free program.

Maps download in advance through the application. has a very good detailed map, but there are no traffic signs along the lanes, it does not show the speed limit. But this application works fine in the «pedestrian» mode, and will tell you the way if you suddenly get lost. Generally, is an excellent program that must be in a smartphone for those who periodically intend to travel. As a navigator for large metropolitan areas, it loses to paid products, but in other conditions, in many ways, it outperforms its competitors. For more detailed acquaintance with this program there is even a special video course where the author calls this program just as "The most important tool of the traveler".

Most of all on the second trip to the Emirates, I enjoyed Sygic. The extended version is very good, reminiscent of IGO PRIMO, but shows the road is not perfect, a lot of any inaccuracies. And without the extended version, Sygic is already losing

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