Many people believe that mainly luxury SUVs and supercars cut through the roads of the Emirates

There are undoubtedly many of them. We will not write about the oil wealth of the United Arab Emirates and happy indigenous people, provided for life with housing and cash benefits from the state. You yourself have heard about it, and if not - we advise you to clarify and read something on this topic. Let's go back to the cars
Only residents of Dubai can do without their own car, because in this region, compared to others, public transport is sufficiently developed. There are buses that run convenient routes at short intervals, there is a well-equipped metro, which is one of the attractions of the city. And yet agree: having your own car makes life much easier.

Residents of other emirates are much less fortunate: public transport in them is underdeveloped, so you have to think about buying a car. In addition to difficulties with movement, there are several good reasons to buy a car in the UAE:

- Relatively low prices for premium cars. An excess of new cars in immaculate condition on the market leads to a decrease in their value.

- Easy registration procedure. Rarely in which country in the world can you arrange a car so quickly and without delay.

- Financial benefits: traveling by taxi around the city is more expensive than filling and servicing your own car.

- The pavement in the UAE is simply flawless, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying it at the wheel of your car.

- Owners of cars in the UAE change their "iron horses" every two to three years, that is, used cars in this country are practically new. But their price is reduced by a third, or even more. If we compare with the states of Europe, here the indicators are somewhat different: a European on average changes the car no more than once every five years.

Even with enough money to buy a car in the United Arab Emirates, you may not own it. That is, you can buy a car, but register it for yourself - no. The fact is that when registering a vehicle, you will need to show a local driver's license. If tourists, having rented a car, can drive with an international certificate, then residents are required to complete driving courses, pass exams and get an Emirates certificate.

In the car market of the United Arab Emirates there are cars not only for every taste, but also for every budget. The cost is influenced by many factors: model, year of manufacture, condition, seller's requests, availability of mediation, etc. If you buy a car directly from the owner, the price will be lower, because there is no middleman who wants to earn on interest. Here are a few prices taken on a popular Arabic website:

For the Honda CR-V of 2006 with a mileage of 370,000 km, they request 17,500 dirhams (344,400 rubles).

The snow-white Toyota Prado (2012) with a mileage of only 74,000 km is estimated at 94,000 dirhams (1,849,920 rubles).

Almost brand new Nissan Maxima (2013), which has only 27,000 km, can be purchased for 75,000 dirhams (1,476,000 rubles).

In general, the prices are different. Remember that in the Arab market it is possible and necessary to bargain, so do not hesitate to beat the price, pointing out the shortcomings of the car and pretending that you do not really need this car.

The procedure for registering a car should take care of its new owner. If the car is not new, then you will have to pass inspection. Then you go to the Vehicle Licensing Department. Hand over the old numbers, pass inspection, get new. The whole procedure will take you no more than an hour and will cost about $ 100 (about 7,000 rubles). Prices are constantly changing, so get ready to pay more.

If you want to keep the old numbers, you can notify a public servant about this, otherwise they will be replaced by you. And if you want to get prestigious numbers (consisting of a pair of numbers), you will have to pay extra for them.

To re-register the car, you need to provide a contract for the sale, your local rights, a report on the passed technical inspection (if the car is not new) and an insurance policy.

The car will not register if you did not take out insurance. There are a lot of insurance companies in the UAE, so it will be easy to choose the right price and conditions. Expats advise to contact Dawliya (Sharjah), which has a branch in Dubai too. The cost of insurance depends on your driving experience, the price of the car and the availability of the franchise. For example, the price of full insurance in the summer of 2015 in Dawliya was 1,350 dirhams (26,568 rubles), partial - 650 dirhams (12,792 rubles), re-registrations - 240 dirhams (4723 rubles).

Contrary to popular belief, completely different cars are moving along the roads in the Emirates. Exclusive and simple, large and small, cheap and very expensive.

The most "favorite" car brands in the UAE for years that remain Toyota and Nissan. Nevertheless, you will quickly get used to the fact that among the "ordinary" cars.
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