How many supercars in the Emirates?

There are no official statistics in the public domain. But there are other interesting data on the number of abandoned cars. According to the Gulf newspaper, in the Emirates annually "throw away" from 2000 to 3000 cars, leaving them dusting in the middle of the street or even in the desert. And sometimes among them are very expensive cars, including collectible and rare supercars.
This, in fact, is associated with the abundance of "tear" photographs of abandoned Ferrari and Bentley, covered with a thick layer of dust or sprinkled with sand. Why are cars being thrown in the Emirates?

In most cases, abandoned cars become so because of the financial difficulties of the owners. Indeed, in Dubai, for example, the latest hypercar model is an integral attribute of success. Therefore, many even not very rich people buy expensive cars, and when a business project crashes, they are indebted to banks. In such cases, some abandon both real estate and Ferrari, hurriedly leaving the city so as not to pay off debts.

By the way, one of the most hot spots where dusty supercars were most often photographed is the parking lot at Dubai Airport. Arrived, threw and flew away ...
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