Dubai Mall Car Rental

With as large as 5.9 million sq ft of space, The Dubai Mall is one of the most beloved areas of both tourists and the locals. In fact, the Dubai mall annually welcomes around eighty million visitors! And if you are among them searching for a reliable private means of transport to lease, Kings Rent Cars service is completely at your disposal! Whether you need a vehicle for a specific purpose, or just need a fast, safe and luxury model to enjoy your stay in Dubai to the full, you are sure to find a perfect car here. In fact, this car rental is one of the most widely trusted ones in the entire UAE! We never let down any of our clients, that's why once any of them lands in the Emirates, the first thing is to hurry and rent a car from the Kings Rent Cars.
Benefits We Are Proud Of
Kings Rent Cars car hire service is enriched with a series of unmatched benefits we are proud of.

  • First of all, you can get your rented car to any destination in Dubai within maximum one hour. And if you are in the Dubai Mall, your leased car will be driven to its doors especially for you faster than you could ever imagine!
  • Having one of the largest car fleets, Kings Rent Cars car hire service is ready to provide you with any type of car you may be looking for. We have vehicles to meet almost any client regardless of the solvency level. Budget options start from about $390, while luxury models cost higher yet provide magnificent driving experiences!
  • The car hire process in this customer-friendly car rental service is utmost straightforward. All that you need is to submit a photo of yours, show your passport and have your international driving license. And once you make the deposit with your credit card, a grandiose car will be driven to Dubai Mall right for you! By the way, we can supply you with a personal driver, in case you'd like to leave UAE Dubai Mall sitting comfortably in the back seat!

Admirable Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the city. Surely, there is little traditional and absolutely nothing historical here, but the gleaming of fashionable boutiques by the world's leading brands, Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale's anchor department stores, the ultra-modern construction, over 200 most diverse food and beverage outlets, and mind-blowing entertainment facilities make Dubai Mall a perfect place to spend the hot daytime in. The rest of the day, meanwhile, spend getting acquainted with this glorious city and don't forget about your lavish leased car rented from Kings Rent Cars service!

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