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Car rental gives an opportunity to not depend on anyone, move around the Dubai on your own, stop at any place you like for the time you need. You can wake up later, and you can stay by the beach and swim on the beach. You do not need to run after the guide, and you should not be afraid to take a photo to keep up with the group.
When ordering a car in Dubai, our service confirms only the type of vehicle and the gearbox. That is, when ordering a compact auto with an automatic transmission, you will get a car for four people with an automatic with binding to the brand and model.

Lease terms

Autorent car rental LLC gives the best service condition in Dubai. You can book a car for any period, even for a few hours, but in this case, we keep the full daily rate for the services. All the coordinates of the rental company will be indicated in your booking voucher. If you plan to receive a vehicle at the airport, then this document indicates the terminal number. Our operator can answer all questions at any time, which will help to find a сar.

Prices for gasoline will be much lower than in many countries in Europe. Buying fuel will not be a problem if you are going to use car rental. Petrol will cost much less than renting a car. You get a car with a full tank, and you need to return it with a full tank too. At the same time, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a fuel tank at an advantageous price.

Insurance and deposit

Autorent car rental LLC requires a credit card from your side. The card must have the necessary amount for the deposit. The amount of the deposit can be specified in advance, with the preliminary reservation of the car. Standard insurance is included in the rental price.


You know exactly the amount for autorent, so you do not have to guess how much it will cost you. It depends on autorent period and type of car.

How to order

To order a car for rent in Dubai, you can use the functionality of the site. You must specify the city of arrival, the date of the beginning of the lease and its end. You also need to specify your age.

To rent a car, you need:

  • The driver must not be less than 21 years old;
  • Passport (or a copy thereof);
  • Credit card;
  • International driver license that was issued at least one year ago;
  • Two photos.

Extra service

We have a babysits. When booking, indicate this option, and you will receive a vehicle with an installed child seat. Also, you can hire a personal driver.

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